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Educating the Public and Stimulating Debate
on Critical Issues in Patient-Care Ethics since 2008

The Center for Ethical Solutions is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity. We are teaming with leading health-care researchers and ethicists working to inform and involve the public in medical ethics debates that affect their personal healthcare decision.

The Center’s biggest project is its SOS (Solving the Organ Shortage) project; most of our projects are related at least tangentially to that project. We would like to expand the Center to include a lobbying arm and study the feasibility of pilot projects on compensated kidney donation in the United States.

Donate your funds, your time, or your words

Help us solve some of medicine’s most pressing ethical issues. Make a tax-exempt donation to our projects, volunteer your time, or simply use our information to start a discussion about these issues with your friends, family, and community.